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Maggie's Web Publications

Introspect Waggener High School (Maggi Huber p 17) 1960

The Guardian Unlimited December 2005

The Guardian Unlimited July 2006

Avatar Review Summer 2006

The November 3rd Club Summer 2006

The 3:15 Experiment 2007

Ventura County Writer's Club Newsletter June 2007

The Write Stuff February 2008

The Island Fox Literary Journal CSUCI 2008

Askew in Ventura Life (p134) 2008

The National Gallery of Writing 2009

Maggie's Readings

Thousand Oaks Library 2006

Artist's Union Gallery Ventura 2007

Maggie Reads Poetry Artist's Union Gallery 2007

Poetry.LA 2008

Borders April 12, 2008

Beyond Baroque Venice CA 2009

Artist's Union Gallery The Vampire Who Makes us Behave 2009

Artist's Union Gallery Women Growing Wings 2009

Artist's Union Gallery Askew 2009

The Read Moorpark College 2010

Maggie Sings Bell Arts Ventura 2010