Walking into a Headwind

     by Nick Snyder

Coming from the south,
A place of deep divide,
With a history of struggles and triumphs,
A move to a Northwestern void
Left only an idea of disparity.
A unique culture, token features,
Still carrying inside the brotherhood of man
Yet knowing the individuality and the strength,
Of whom you are.
Seen as a threat, guilty until proven innocent
Of a crime that does not exist,
It takes an unbreakable determination
To look ahead while being pushed by the current.

A slur of names, a human reaction in retaliation,
Yet who is to blame?
He who fights for a way of life that one should be proud of?
Or those who are unwilling to change?
It takes an unrelenting word of inner power
To continue looking ahead.

Within a world seemingly full of disappointment,
Regret, and obstacles,
There is a culture of unity, love, and strength.
Everything is for the best, I have heard said,
Even if it holds you back.
With the history and knowledge of what can happen,
One must always stare into the future,
While continuing to look to the past.


Copyright © 2010 Nick Snyder

Photo (c) Maggie Westland


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