To My Brother Richard


After your father

You took your first steps

The moon made way

As bombs fell round you

You walked with tyranny

And took up arms

With no-one at your side

Still the warrior

Still the unnamed battle

You stumbled but never fell

You found a poet and a rainbow

Now all your losses

And all your secrets

Have brought me out

Of my darkness

In that one moment

On the dark tarmac

Of our dreams.

Does any bird

Sing sweeter

In any other land?

My life is held in a tear

As I see you now

Walking tall

You on your hill

Me on mine

It is the same hill

We are not alone

Anymore ...

More, yes

There is more

I love you

After your father.

      By Larry Westland

      First published Never Bury Poetry, Issue No 45, Diversions, Spring 2000

      Copyright (C) Larry Westland 2007

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